1 wedding and 2 funerals in 2 weeks - ( Does that sound like a film title ?)   Wedding fantastic as mentioned before due to the Italian influence - such style and emotion ( and tango lessons).
The first funeral - the mother of a friend , who was 98 (the mother, not the friend !)  You can't really argue with that - she had  a great life, lived in her own home, was fiercely independent and very much  retained her dignity - a lovely lady who will be greatly missed by her family and friends.
The  second funeral - a man taken in his prime - aged 49 -  Guy Wilkes, so sad , so much still to give. The crematoriam was packed to the rafters showing the love and respect for this man - who loved life and lived it to the full.   A very moving humanist ceremony which Guy had arranged, had us all in tears, from the start with Van Morrison's "Have I told you lately"   to the ending with Jack Johnson's "Do you remember?"    I cried all the way home for him. his family and friends.  I am having a glass of wine as we speak ,in his memory as he was a wine expert par excellence.
Makes me realise even more that life is for living, loving and giving.   Life is not a rehersal, you don't get a second chance so make the most of it ..... hence the sporty blue car outside my door !
Moving on -   life goes on, as it does.
The farmers requested a carrot cake today - got everything out and then discovered a distinct lack of carrots so had to switch to the family fruit cake recipe - all going well , until distracted by the phone ,put the cake in the oven... after 30 minutes realised that had not added eggs - *******  ( add your own swear words)  Didn't look too bad, so am saying nothing and see if they notice..   If they eat it while still fresh I don't think they will ....     Am feeling a bit guilty but I did make them 2 batches of cracking hot x buns at Easter, despite being very busy in the restaurant.
Polytunnel coming along - salad leaves up, herbs in,tomatoes in, (despite gardening with spaniels)  Could well become obsessed with it.   Am going to experiment growing micro-herbs in wool base ( www.the woollyshepherd.co.uk)
Went to see Nicky & co yesterday and talked about their new style acoustic cloud to try in the restaurant together with a screen downstairs. Am looking forward to trying it out.  Am very pleased with the proto-type clouds upstairs which are doing the job and customers love them.
Love the spring and especially the mistle thrush who sings all day ,every day, at the top of the apple tree. Saw our first swallows at the weekend - earlier than usual . Goldfinches around the house, a bullfinch in the cherry blossom   - even saw a snipe last week while taking the dogs for a walk.
We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place even though we don't always have time to appreciate it.
Bluebells are just about to come out - give it a few days or a week ...  photos to follow.