What a fantastic week of Spring/Summer sunshine - the Quantocks have never looked so good !

Well - probably they have , but I am in the sunshine mood .   How it lifts the spirits and makes everything look so much better.

I am now obsessed with my polytunnel - have planted salad leaves and rocket and they are now up and growing ..  Cannot leave them alone  have to keep watering and watching..

Had my Christmas present this week - tickets to see War Horse in London (obviously had the tickets at Christmas)  It was AMAZING !   If you can, go and see it !  Fantastic.. I loved it and still cried at the end.

London was beautiful in the sunshine - Trafalgar Square on Monday was like being in the centre of Rome, if you know what I mean - blue, blue sky and everyone happy to be outside and enjoying the warmth. We went to the National Gallery which is still admission free, to see the best art in the world .  Lovely to go away but makes you appreciate the space we have at home..

Back to work for Wednesday and also to get ready for a wedding on Saturday. Despite the sunshine all week, Saturday was overcast but dry at least. A lovely,lovely wedding with the bride and groom happy and relaxed. The groom, Stefano is Italian , so lots of the guests were Italian and intrigued to find a restaurant on a farm. The day went really well, with the highlight for me  being the late night impromptu dancing by a friend of the groom, who is an architect,translator and tango professional !   The ladies were lining up to have a turn with him - boy, did he have the moves ! I let all my staff have a go - why didn't I?

One of the younger Italian  guests took a fancy to one of my girls (blonde and very pretty) and who could blame him ?  He has invited him to visit him and his yacht in Positano - I may have to go with her to look after her ...

Who would think this could happen in  restaurant in the middle of the Quantocks?  You really never know what will happen next !