Rain, rain and more rain

Probably the wettest day of the summer if not the year  ...

Saturday 7th July saw a very special wedding - Flo Feast and Chris Jones.  Thank goodness this was a smallish wedding so we were all in the barn with heating on so the weather didn't affect us too much.   So wet we could not go outside at all. Lovely, lovely people  - very much a wedding to remember - everyone out to enjoy the day.

Very very emotional as Flo's father Richard had died the previous week and the funeral was on Tuesday. Flo and her Mum Diane were amazing - holding it all together -  you would not have known ...    In fact, I didn't know until part way through and I cried when I  was told  ( not very professional I know but I am human)

Welcome drink of Prosecco - lots of .. and canapes   , sit down meal , lots of wine, cheese wedding cake, music, dancing , lots more wine ..  a drink with Flo & Chris  ...bed at 3.30am for me    A great day and I hope a day to remember..

Busy day on Sunday so up and in the kitchen for 9am prepping for Sunday lunch and also for a buffet lunch for 50 which|I was persuaded to do for a customer at their house. Salads for me to prepare and desserts which my friend Sally volunteered to do for me.  All under control.  Rosie and Izzy to go and staff the buffet flying the Clavelshay Barn flag for me. Chef off for the day so apprentice chef Brad at the helm with me assisting. He did well although he now realises how good Guy is. making it look so effortless!

Clear lunch then time for afternoon tea with 20 ladies on a hen day out - the sun shone so they could sit outside and eat delicious sandwiches, chocolate cake, coffee cake, lemon drizzle cake, cream horns, scones, jam & cream washed down with glasses of Prosecco and cups of tea... all seemed to enjoy themselves...

Finished at 7pm - time for something to eat, bath and in bed by 9pm - asleep by 9.10pm..  Phew... that was  a busy weekend.