Opportunities not problems

Not the best start to the day - phone call from my chef saying that he has German measles and will be off work.
Ask relief chef, son Rob if he can work - answer no because they are  busy silage making on the farm.
Help! Plan A - try to get someone else at very short notice, plan B - cook myself with help from Brad , our apprentice.  Plan A seemed unlikely but I gave it serious thought and then was suddenly inspired . We did a wedding at the end of March for a lovely couple - groom Stefano is a chef . Thought it worth giving him a ring and he agreed to do it, came in and breezed through service. Is working this weekend and is a real star !  Hopefully Stefano will be able to work for us again.
All the rain has played havoc with my garden , the seeds I planted have not come up and now the soil is rock hard on top and will all need digging again. However the polytunnel is doing well and am keeping up with salad leaves.
This week have bought a new keyboard for the restaurant so that my lovely talented girls can use it  to entertain the customers. Have also bought a ukelele - don't ask why - just felt like it.  Might try and teach myself to play.
Probably part of the mid-life crisis I am having. Maybe as a result of the great wedding we had last weekend when the Irish guests were singing and dancing until very very very late (me too).  They didn't have to work the next day though .. I did.
Happy Birthday Alex, thinking of you at Cannes Film Festival working hard at your reviews . It's a hard life !   We will try and manage without you.