Meet Jen Goss - Our Lovely Vegetarian Cooking Workshop Teacher

JenGossI was brought up in Wales, but the bright lights of the big city pulled me there to Uni and 15 years of working in catering, running Gastropubs and finally managing Toms' Deli on Westbourne Grove.

I met my present partner Colin, and we started to dream of the good life, books stacking up round our bed on Charcuterie making, Brewing, Chickens, Pig farming, Permaculture, and lots of copies of the Smallholding magazine.

We had a couple of kids Leon, now 9 and Lucy, now 7 and our plans started to take shape, we wanted the kids to grow up in the country, by the sea.

We bought Cippyn Cottage nearly four years ago and haven't looked back.

The plan to rear and grow our own food, and set up a catering business with the produce grown and sourced locally has taken off. Initially running a vegetarian  stall at a local Producers market, introducing local people to the delicious food of the world, I would sell out each week. I've now moved on to currently catering for The Do Lectures, fforest weddings, The Smallworld Theatre cabaret nights and I bake cakes for The 25 Mile a local restaurant sourcing ingredients from within 25 Miles. As an extension of this I've been running workshops for the Do Lectures and also now independently.

The passion for food has been inside me since baking with my mother as a child.  My parents would be experimenting with gnocchi and pesto, curries and quince cake when they were unheard of in Cardiff 40 years ago. My parents are STILL experimenting, I went to a dinner party at the end of January and my father had a cooked an 18 dish mezze, with things I'd never heard of.

I believe that food should always be delicious, the key ingredients are local, fresh and lots of herb and spice.  When I set up my market stall I wanted to challenge peoples preconceptions of vegetarian food, by the time I finished I had many regular carnivores in my weekly customer base.

Some parts of the world, Southern India for example, are completely vegetarian, and the cuisine there is fabulous, some of my favourite things to cook are Samosas and Aubergine curries and all the pickles and condiments that accompany them.

Italy always champions the fresh and local produce and the fantastically simple pasta dishes and Courgette Polpette really show these off.

By far my most favourite cuisine is that of the Middle East, with all the exciting spice and herbs, the pomegranates and the pistachio, the food is vibrant in taste and colour, so I love the Felafel in all its guises and the salads and dips and the Regal jewelled couscous.

I love talking about food, and sharing my knowledge and learning from everyone I meet, there is so much to find out about, we have the whole world out there!




Date: Saturday 15th March 2014 Time: 10.30am – 4pm Price per person: £85

Booking is essential: Call Sue on 01278 662629 or email

Whether you are a long-time vegetarian or just want to incorporate more vegetables into your life, this workshop will give you easy, and delicious ways to naturally do so.

Learn how to make the humble vegetable into something truly special in this fun-filled Vegetarian Cooking Workshop run by Jen Goss. Full of local ingredients, Jen will show you how easy it is to make fresh vegetarian food that you will look forward to eating. You will learn how to make amazing dishes inspired by far-flung cuisines such as India, Morocco and Italy, and be given the confidence and skills to cook wonderfully tasting, unique vegetarian dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The Workshop is aimed at all levels of experience, and at the end of the day you will receive packets the day’s recipes, along with additional ideas for variations, and the dishes you make in the afternoon.

You can find out more about the workshop here »

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