All the fun of the Circus Wedding


I have stopping being surprised at the requests my brides make and so was not all fazed when Emily & Dave asked if I would mind having a stilt walker and fire eater at their wedding, as the performers were friends. Let’s go with it – I thought.

Haylee & Charlie drove all the way from Scotland with a white van packed with all their equipment and arrived on the morning of the wedding. In no time at all, a huge aerial rig stood in my garden. I did then begin to wonder what that was all about. Charlie changed into his costume and donned his stilts and Hayley got ready and had a quick chat to tell me what was going to happen.

IMG_8552 IMG_8804-5

When the wedding guests arrived, Charlie greeted them on his stilts and we poured glasses of champagne. We had agreed earlier that Haylee would top up any glasses whilst hanging upside down from a rope on the aerial ri . It worked and it was a sight I will never forget!

IMG_9837 IMG_8804-2

The sun shone, the champagne flowed and everyone loved it. There were pots of flowers everywhere grown by Emily’s father and it added to the special atmosphere. Speeches were made on the lawn before the meal and everyone was relaxed and happy.

IMG_8804-3 IMG_8804-1

A sit down meal for 55 in the restaurant was followed in the evening by a party in a marquee with dancing to a live band and then platters of local cheese and meats. The party lasted well into the early hours after an amazing fire show by Charlie Burns.

IMG_8528 IMG_8561 IMG_8570 IMG_8804-4

Certainly a wedding to remember – thank you Emily & Dave for allowing us to share your very special day with you!

P.S .I now have met someone who ran away to join the circus!

For more information about the wonderful Haylee & Charlie, visit there websites:

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